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Mr. Andrew Derjany

Andrew Derjani

Andrew DERJANY is a digital media officer at the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies- LIMS., He is responsible for promoting LIMS reforms across multiple media platforms: Website, Newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter, both in English and Arabic. He makes sure that all the content published is written in a way accessible to the larger public and the style of the posts adapted to the different channels. His experience includes customer service, where he deals with customer complaints, identify, and assess customer needs to ensure utmost satisfaction. In addition, past owner, and founder of typical Lebanese restaurant, where he was also working on identifying customer needs and expectations correctly. provide appropriate products, services or information, recognize customer dissatisfaction promptly and take necessary actions. Assess and identify new opportunities for growth in current and prospective markets. He also worked in the field of digital marketing by Creating and managing social media strategies and editorial calendars. Manage the content flow and evaluate audience health, growth, and content performance daily. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Notre Dame University in Lebanon.